Stablecoin that
automatically earns interest.
Secured by RWA P2P lending.

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Earn interest from loans backed by high-quality real‑world assets.

Stablecoin stUSD (“Stable USD”) is built on Certo — a P2P lending protocol designed to work with tokenized real-world assets in the form of U.S. Treasuries.

Step 1

Step 1

Deposit USDT and receive stUSD

stUSD is a receipt token for lent funds.

Step 2

Step 2

Protocol lends USDT to borrowers

Debts are secured by tokenized RWA collateral.

Step 3

Step 3

Holders of tokenized RWA can borrow USDT against the value of their assets

Step 4

Step 4

Borrowers pay interest on their loans — Lender's stUSD balance grows

How it works

Protocol Scheme

Get stUSD & Receive ~4% APY

As a USDT lender, you receive the interest accrued to the borrowers at a variable rate, which depends on the utilization of lent funds.


Secure P2P lending

Loans are overcollateralized and backed by non‑volatile tokenized 1‑3 months U.S. Treasury Bills.


Liquid Stablecoin

After supplying USDT you receive fully backed, liquid stUSD, which can be used across multiple DeFi platforms.


Redeemable loans

Stablecoins which are lent through the protocol can be redeemed by burning stUSD receipt tokens.

Your Loans are Collaterized by Tokenised U.S. Treasuries

Certo supports the ZPR1 token from Backed as collateral. ZPR1 tracks the price of the SPDR® Bloomberg 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF.

ZPR1 token
Certo logo

by Community

Certo P2P lending is community-driven protocol.

You can help improve Certo by participating in governance and by creating or voting on proposals.

More details are coming soon. To receive updates join our community:

Transparency at Every Step

Certo is built with complete transparency and security in mind.



The protocol is implemented with safety as a priority. All code has been thoroughly audited.


Open market

The protocol is an open market for lenders and borrowers. Anybody can participate!


Open Source

The protocol's contracts are open‑sourced. Everyone is welcome to contribute towards the development of the protocol.


Who is eligible to receive stUSD?

Anyone who deposits stablecoins accepted by the protocol can provide them for lending and receive stUSD back as a receipt token.

What tokens can be used as a collateral by borrowers?

The protocol uses Backed ZPR1 token as a borrowing collateral. The token is backed by U.S. 1-3 Month Treasury Bills.

What will happen if the collateral price drops?

All USDT loans are overcollateralized by U.S. 1-3 Month Treasury Bills. Their very rare price volatility is less than 0.5%, they are highly stable over time. As a contingency, the protocol implements liquidation mechanism.

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